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Incinerator links page – for and against

The council has decided – along with three other boroughs – that an incinerator/energy from waste/energy recovery facility, call it what you will, is to be built (in Sutton). That means that in the future all the rubbish that is … Continue reading

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Is growth the only answer for Croydon?

Shopping is our new zeitgeist, someone with more O levels than me once said. He was right as well. Up to the mid to late 20th century it had been conflict – the two World Wars and the other battles … Continue reading

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Tram rant proves there is a lot of love in Croydon

When Love Croydon eventually got round to viewing the tram rant video on YouTube it was with a healthy sense of trepidation. We knew this was likely to be another sorry tale that confirmed several of the stereotypes about our … Continue reading

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Park Hill water tower gallery

These pictures were recently taken of the water tower in Park Hill. The tower, built in 1867, is now of course not in use but it remains a focal point for the area and an attractive piece of local architecture. … Continue reading

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Croydon’s Slumdog Millionaire…

…is how the latest British film making a buzz is being spun. It was directed by Nick Moran, the star of Guy Ritchie’s Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels who now prefers to be on the other side of the … Continue reading

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Advertiser confirms it’s going free

Weeks after we told you that the Advertiser was going to be given away for free, the newspaper has confirmed the move. A small piece on page two of today’s edition of the weekly newspaper confirms that from next week … Continue reading

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It’s enough to make you sick

It’s not likely to trouble the pages of lovecroydon’s filofax (ask your dad) anytime soon but our fair borough is now said to be home to the UK’s largest restaurant. Capturing perfectly public revulsion at the obesity epidemic that is … Continue reading

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