Incinerator links page – for and against

The council has decided – along with three other boroughs – that an incinerator/energy from waste/energy recovery facility, call it what you will, is to be built (in Sutton).

That means that in the future all the rubbish that is left over after recycling is taken out will be burned instead of being put into a big, smelly hole in the ground called landfill. Electricity will generated from this and fed back into the network. Somewhere.

These things are already up and running in other parts of the country and in Europe some people quite like them. But they are contentious and have divided opinions.

We don’t know a lot about them, other than that they divide opinions, so we’re not going to pretend that we do.

But we though it might be a good idea to put some links together in once place so that people could look for themselves. We’ll add to this page as the issue develops further, all suggestions welcome.

Wikipedia. Not an academic source, but it’s a starting point.

The South London Waste Partnership (the fancy name for the four councils)

Green Party, against.

SITA, runs three sites (for).

Health Protection Agency (neutral).

Friends of the Earth (against).

Infrastructure Planning Commission

Veolia (for, another contractor)

SELCHP (for, it’s the website for a similar facility already up and running in Deptford)

No Incinerator for Croydon (against)

Croydon Green Party incinerator blog (against)

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2 Responses to Incinerator links page – for and against

  1. Brendan Walsh says:

    The following links are more specifically for this incinerator. I’d class these as against too.

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