Tram rant proves there is a lot of love in Croydon

When Love Croydon eventually got round to viewing the tram rant video on YouTube it was with a healthy sense of trepidation.

We knew this was likely to be another sorry tale that confirmed several of the stereotypes about our town.

A quick glance at the video – we couldn’t face watching the whole thing – filled us with a gloomy sense of foreboding, that soon Croydon was about to be the butt of a new raft of distasteful jokes that for once were not about Kate Moss’s slapped back hair.

The world’s appetite for a butcher’s at our new film noir made us think that the work of anyone with a desire to make people see the real Croydon was going to get a whole lot harder.

But then a thought occurred. Hadn’t this been brought to light because of people in Croydon? Wasn’t this a fine example of people in Croydon expertly exploiting social media to help bring someone to justice?

On the whole, we think it was. It will be interesting to see if this side of the story is ever reported.

From Love Croydon, though, a big pat on the back to those who helped bring this to the world’s attention. You know who you are.

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