Park Hill water tower gallery

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These pictures were recently taken of the water tower in Park Hill. The tower, built in 1867, is now of course not in use but it remains a focal point for the area and an attractive piece of local architecture. It was designed by Baldwin Latham, who was the then borough engineer, in a brick Norman style. The 75 foot diameter structure was built to contain 950,000 gallons of water, its dome being entirely constructed from intricate brickwork. The tower was opened to the public as a viewing platform in 1889.
During the First World War the tower’s lofty heights were an excellent vantage point for the observation of approaching hostile Zeppelins, fires, excessive lighting, and weather. The building was listed Grade 2 in 1970 but has had the tanks and timber removed. It still stands as a landmark for the people of Croydon and the surrounding area. Although most of us have seen the outside of the structure many times, how many of us have actually had a look inside? Well now, thanks to lovecroydon you can. Pics courtesy of Your Croydon flickr
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