Croydon’s Slumdog Millionaire…

…is how the latest British film making a buzz is being spun.
It was directed by Nick Moran, the star of Guy Ritchie’s Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels who now prefers to be on the other side of the camera.
The film is called The Kid and it’s an autobiographical tale from Kevin Lewis, who was brought up in New Addington.
We haven’t seen it yet but it’s said to be an unflinching account of life on a tough estate in the 1980s so it’s not going to show the best parts of Croydon that’s for sure.
Moran has picked up some positive press, for a change, after years of being portrayed as an awkward sod whose only crime as far as we can tell was that he didn’t like the paparazzi much or hanging out with Guy Ritchie and his former missus Madonna. Who can blame him?
He says the violence in the film is not explicit and that that’s a trick he’s borrowed from David Lean’s Oliver Twist. A film directed by one of Croydon’s most famous sons who went on to direct Peter O’Toole in Lawrence of Arabia and a number of other notable films. There’s also a cinema named after him in the town centre, in case you hadn’t noticed.
lovecroydon doesn’t imagine for one minute that The Kid will show the best side of Croydon, In fact, it’s probably only likely to reinforce the popular myth the Croydon is an awful rubbish dump for the worst of human kind.
But it’s another notable flick that is linked to our borough, and the second one (there may be more) released this year after Dagenham Girls starring Bob Hoskins and a host of other big names.
Enjoy the film, which is released on 17 September!

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