Advertiser confirms it’s going free

Weeks after we told you that the Advertiser was going to be given away for free, the newspaper has confirmed the move.
A small piece on page two of today’s edition of the weekly newspaper confirms that from next week it will be delivered free to 70,000 home. Why not shout it from the front page? It’s nothing to be ashamed of, chaps.
The paper will still be on sale at newsagents, so it will be interesting to see how the dual pricing mode affects paid-for sales.
We suspect, and have been told, that homes in the south of the borough will be the beneficiaries of the free deliveries.
Makes sense, really, when advertisers tell you they want more readers, you get your product to the people with the wonga to spend on what is being advertised. Make sense?
It will also be interesting to see how the Croydon Guardian reacts. That rival paper has long been Croydon’s main free weekly newspaper (no one counts the Post or the Midweek Advertiser or whatever it’s called now).
The Guardian’s verified distribution figure (according to the latest edition) is just over 77,000, which means the two will now have very similar audiences.
Advertiser bosses will hope the move leads to, proportionately, the same kind of profit increases enjoyed by the Evening Standard after its decision to go free last year.

You can read lovecroydon’s

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