It’s enough to make you sick

It’s not likely to trouble the pages of lovecroydon’s filofax (ask your dad) anytime soon but our fair borough is now said to be home to the UK’s largest restaurant.
Capturing perfectly public revulsion at the obesity epidemic that is clogging Britain’s health services, Cosmo has decided to open a new cheap-eating venue that can serve more diners than any other restaurant in Britain.
The buffet behemoth in Valley Leisure Park off Purley Way can get through 800 munchers in one sitting – enough to turn the stomach of any maitre d’.
If an intimate dinner for two and 798 others doesn’t whet your appetite then perhaps the gargantuan menu will.
The people behind the enormous eaterie say they will offer more than 300 ‘pan Asian’ dishes.
The chubby-chasing Croydon Guardian equates sizes with beauty, calling it a ‘food lovers’ delight’.
That’s clearly a matter of opinion.
There’s something not quite right about the thought of 800 people tucking into the same buffet, in our humble opinion, and we think we’ll stick to more intimate venues – perhaps those with only enough seating for just the one Jumbo Jet.
But it’s another first for Croydon and we salute Cosmo for choosing us as the venue for its biggest swill bin, sorry, we mean fine dining experience, of course.
Happy noshing Croydon!

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